Sure, lots of Brooklynites will say. Another Indian restaurant. What’s so special about this one?

Well, thankfully, Asya Indian Restaurant, situated in Brooklyn Heights, has got that certain special something, which sets it apart from other restaurants in Brooklyn. The first thing that makes this place rather special is the atmosphere. If you’re looking for somewhere intimate and romantic to take your partner, or a new date, Asya’s inviting and atmospheric interior is the perfect location. There is also a healthy dose of New York style in the décor, which marries surprisingly well with the traditional Indian dining.

As for the food? Asya pride themselves on offering a real variety of deliciously flavorsome dishes; from wonderfully creamy kormas to rich masalas, and some of the dishes provide a little twist on the classics, which will leave your tastebuds wanting more. What is unusual about Asya, in comparison to other restaurants in Brooklyn, is that they also offer a fabulous brunch menu, with wonderful lentil and rice crepes (or ‘dosas’) and appetizers, or 50% off their normal menu, if you were after something a little more filling. It certainly fits the bill for people who are looking for a real feast at lunch, without breaking the bank!

Another refreshing aspect of Asya, is that, unlike other restaurants in Brooklyn, it offers a wide range of options for vegetarian diners, indeed, so much that you will feel quite spoilt for choice.

So, if you are perusing your list of restaurants in Brooklyn, unsure of where to sample next, then look no further. You may think that you’ve experienced Indian dining in all its full glory in New York, but trust us, Asya’s divine combination of romantic, chic ambiance, a varied and delicious menu of classic and modern Indian dishes, all at an excellent price, will be sure to delight you.

As far as Indian restaurants in Brooklyn go, Asya seems to be a definite winner. Head on over, and see for yourself what all the fuss is about!