After last weekend’s highly successful Brooklyn Pour, the city is officially in the mood for some spirit. And when we say spirit, we do of course mean of the alcoholic variety.

At the Brooklyn Pour, we were introduced to some of the area’s finest locally brewed beers and ciders, now it’s the turn of the distilleries. Of all the things to do in Brooklyn, one thing that always brings a smile to even the sourest city-type is a chance to sample some truly tasty spirits!

And now, for the first time, Brooklyn plays host to an official Spirit Tour, a walking tour of ten of the city’s best distilleries. So, if you’ve a nose for quality craft beverages, locally produced, then as far as things to do in Brooklyn go, you cannot go far wrong with this fantastic (and probably increasingly cheery) tour.

So, just where does the trail lead? Well, here is the official run down of tantalising distilleries and wineries for your perusal and pleasure:

The Red Hook Winery. Insights into the process and of course, tastings of the wines themselves. Address: 204 Van Dyke street (347) 689.2432

Cacao Prieto. Artisan chocolate makers and incidentally, also artisan rums. Just try resisting having more than just a few samples… Address: 218 Conover street (347) 225.0130

Van Brunt Stillhouse. One of Brooklyn’s founding fathers in the business of booze, and also fine purveyors of rum, whisky, grappa and moonshine. Address: 481 Van Brunt Street

Sixpoint Brewery. Who incidentally, believe beer is culture. We concur, Sixpoint Brewery! Address: 40 Van dyke street (917) 696.0438

Jack from Brooklyn. Exclusive small batch makers, using fine spices and cane sugar to create Sorel, a Caribbean originated drink. Address: 177 Dwight Street

Breukelen Distilling Company. Fine gins and whiskeys. (Are you still standing at this point?) Address: 77 19th street (347) 725.4985

Industry City Distillery. New kids on the block, creating super smooth sugar beet vodka. Vodka drinking is a definite must on your list of things to do in Brooklyn at the weekend! Address: 33 35th Street (917) 727.5309

Kings County Distillery. One of the established distilleries, and incidentally, the first one to open after Prohibition. Address: 63 Flushing Avenue

New York Distilling Company. Fancy sampling some smooth American gin? This is the place to go. Address: 79 Richardson Street (718) 412.0874

Greenhook Gin Smiths. With a passion for ‘unerringly excellent gin’. What a way to finish! Address: 208 Dupont (646) 339.3719

And if you are still walking in a straight line after visiting all ten, then we salute you. As far as things to do in Brooklyn go, this walking tour is a truly enjoyable (and very informative) way of whiling away a day.