One of Brooklyn’s most fun, inviting restaurants in Brooklyn for fusion food; Chance is the star of Smith Street. Boasting a dark glass entryway leading to inviting cool tones and rich wood accents, this restaurant is a wonderful place to go on a romantic adventure or a fun get-together with friends. You have the option of dining inside at cozy, fun tables with Asian inspired accents, or enjoying the Brooklyn street life outside on the sidewalk at the quaint wooden tables with matching chairs.

The French-Chinese fusion menu is a delightful continuation of the atmosphere, and offers you a nice balance between flavors. The food is also as pleasing to the eye as the atmosphere and is artfully plated to stimulate your sense of sight as well as smell and taste. The menu options at Chance offer you the chance to sample old favorites, and maybe find some new ones. There is also a pix fixe menu that is well worth trying, and unbeatable for the price. From the outside in and all the tastes in-between, this Asian bistro is by far one of the most attractive restaurants in Brooklyn, and offers you the Chance of a lifetime.