Are you thinking your business in terms of an integrated customer experience? Are you in the 3D game? Are you still considering social media a strategy? These burning questions will be just a few of the ones you will find yourself talking about during the Brooklyn Marketing Week, at Brooklyn’s newest startup hub BKLYN Commons, beginning October 17th.

Join this event and learn about the endless resources there are for you to grow your business, attracting, converting and keeping customers.

The Brooklyn Marketing Week (BKMW) is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and small business owners to gather the tools they need to promote their brand. From social media to events, sales to strategy and beyond, the roster of events are designed to inform and engage them creatively.

Brooklyn is home to a thriving and diverse scene of over 29,000 small businesses, and they all have a hub in BKLYN Commons, the community & educational center where the events of the BKMW will be hosted. BKLYN Commons aims to meet the evolving demands of today’s dynamic work environment for businesses and individuals in a variety of sectors. The coworking space on 495 Flatbush Avenue is an environment where people can connect, engage and grow.

“If relevance, context, and effective delivery aren’t the topic of regular conversations in your marketing department, 2016 is going to be a frustrating year for you,” predicted Forbes Magazine’s Daniel Newman last year. At the Brooklyn Marketing Week you will have an opportunity to learn about those topics and more!