Drinking herbal tea has been a favorite pastime throughout history and across the world, known for its calming effects. But have you ever considered smoking it? While the idea might be new, it is the latest craze for things to do in Brooklyn.

Liz Neves, founder of Brooklyn-based Raganella’s Botanical Solutions, has designed an herbal tea that you can smoke. Vivid Visions tea is natural, legal, and, according to Liz, “perfect for anyone who takes life too seriously and needs a way to relax and dream better.” Containing things like relaxing damiana and dream-enhancing mugwort, Vivid Visions is sure to help you experience those good feelings. A half ounce goes for $12 (plus $5.20 for shipping via Etsy), or you can find it at places like The One Well in Greenpoint & Commodities Market in the East Village.