Have I died and gone to hipster heaven? Whew, no I’m still alive. Surrounded by sky on all sides, I’m sipping a cool one with my skinny jeaned homies at the Watering Tower Rooftop Bar… at the tippy-top of the Hotel Williamsburg. Actual good music fills the air. Opening in November, the self-professed magnums of Brooklyn brews are serving up clever cocktails, crafty beers, and classy vinos to whet your thirst. The Manhattan skyline looks elegant from here- from this ode to the charms of Bohemia. The Hotel Williamsburg is just off the Bedford L, facing McCarren Park. Downstairs there’s a pool where spiked punch is served and where an urban rustic restaurant, Pillar & Plough, seats one hundred. They serve shared plates including classed-up tator tots, lacquered squab scented with coffee, suckling pig, and prime rib. Rented rooms include record players and vinyl libraries. Right now, the official site has a brick wall up with pictures of some very old school Brooklynites looking spiffy, but you can still get some information by contacting them at the front office. Hotel Williamsburg is one of the great hotels in Brooklyn!