The days when high quality oils were simply the preserve of the culinary experts is long gone.

At O Live, situated by the Williamsburg Bridge, anybody, whether a connoisseur of food, or a newbie to the foodie scene, can enjoy a taste of the good life, and sample the vast array of olive oils and balsamic vinegars on offer.

Husband and wife team, Greg Bernarducci and Elizabeth Weiss, feel passionate about not only creating an experience of oil sampling, and making a visit to their premises top on the list of things to do in Brooklyn, but also about the considerable health benefits.
A native New Yorker, Greg Bernarducci is a man on a mission. Through O Live, he hopes to promote the amazing health benefits of fresh, organic oils and vinegars, and encourage people to incorporate them into their everyday cooking. For tasty things to do in Brooklyn, few experiences come better than an afternoon spent sampling these delicious and varied oils, with experts on hand to guide you through your culinary journey!

Join O Live this Friday (22nd) & March (22nd) as they host a Beer and Food Fest; an evening of fine beer sampling and superior food tasting, featuring some amazing locally brewed ales, and some fascinating talks, focusing on how to use the oils on offer in cooking, and to pair them with perfectly matched brews. So if the weekend is approaching and you are stuck for ideas of things to do in Brooklyn, look no further…and come and enjoy some of the fabulous oils and beers on offer!