Brooklynites are about to get a new addition to their city skyline, one that will bring cutting-edge design to one of the trendiest neighborhoods in New York. Oppenheimer Architecture and Design has won an international competition that will allow construction of the Green Hotel, as it is currently being called, to become one of the most innovative and stunning hotels in Brooklyn.

The Williamsburg skyscraper will feature three slim towers, each of different heights that will be faceted to render a kaleidoscope effect in the shining sun. The tallest tower will stand at 440ft, and the entire building will be only 16ft deep. The Green Hotel will claim incredible views from the rooftop terrace and lap pool, which look out over the East River and older hotels in Brooklyn.

The hotel will sit close to the historic Williamsburg Savings Bank and is promised to be a simplistic, elegant neighbor that will gracefully compliment nearby buildings and hotels in Brooklyn. Mr. Oppenheimer says that he wanted to create “more with less, opting for a timeless solution…and drama through powerful manipulations of scale, proportion, and materiality.” The Green Hotel will be true to it’s name, utilizing geothermal, solar, and wind power as energy sources for the hotel.