Whether it is your first time trying Thai food or one of your traditional favorites, Pok Pok Ny is a must try. Sure there are more than enough Thai restaurants throughout the city, so why this place? What makes this one of the best Thai restaurants in Brooklyn?

Pok Pok Ny, brought to you by chef Andy Ricker who has numerous applauded casual Thai eateries in Portland, Oregon, offers food from northern Thailand, which is something that has been missing in New York Thai cuisine. Chef Ricker strives for an authenticity from that region that you won’t find at other establishments. Using an abundance of fresh ingredients and pork cooked over firewood in a black-barrel smoker, leaving a taste laced throughout the whole meal, you can find many great foods including a sausage favorite from the city of Chiang Mai, steamed kobocha squash, a hot and spicy green paste dip called naam phrik nuum, eggplant, and grilled hens with lemon grass know as kai yang.

Be aware that this restaurant doesn’t take reservations so you’ll want to arrive early. Pok Pok Ny is located at 127 Columbia Street (Kane Street) in Brooklyn.

Phone: (718) 923-9322