It’s been one year since Roulette relocated to Brooklyn, and the venue is celebrating in style by hosting Anthony Braxton to the stage on Thursday, September 13. It’s a rare New York City performance for the legendary jazz musician, who has served as a bold and daring figure on the American music scene for over 40 years.

Braxton is known for his innovative style, even developing his own musical system that has its own language and classifications. In this way, he has truly redefined what it means to be a creative artist in today’s modern world.

The Thursday performance at Roulette will feature the Anthony Braxton Quartet, featuring fellow artists Ken Filiano, Dan Blacksberg and Mike Szekely. Also performing will be the Diamond Curtain Wall Music Ensemble, which features Braxton on reeds and electronics along with Taylor Ho Bynum, Maura Valenti, Josh Sinton, Chris DiMeglio, Amy Crawford, Michael Douglas Jones, Anne Rhodes and Kyoko Kitamura.

Since its relocation to Brooklyn in September 2011, Roulette has given musicians, composers, sound artists and other professionals the ability to showcase their work in an up-and-coming space. The venue has become a rapidly growing favorite of audiences throughout Brooklyn, with acts ranging from young artists to established innovators.

For artists, Roulette provides affordable rehearsal space, recording facilities and a variety of other resources to help them create. It also serves as a laboratory of ideas and new technologies, giving artists the ability to incorporate new concepts into their work. Musicians at Roulette cover a wide range of genres and backgrounds, and concerts at the venue almost always include world premieres of artists, albums or songs.

The one-year celebration with Anthony Braxton will start at 8:00 p.m. on Thursday. It’s being co-sponsored by the Tri-Centric Foundation, a nonprofit organization that aims to cultivate and inspire the upcoming generation of artists to demonstrate the integrity and idealism that has become synonymous with Braxton’s career. offers you the opportunity to share, discover and connect with others about the best things to do in Brooklyn, New York. We encourage conversations that allow you to find exactly what makes our borough special.