Do you ever get the yearning to get away from it all? To escape to the country, breathe in the fresh air and take a break from the daily bustle of city life?

Well, don’t go booking that holiday just yet. Things to do in Brooklyn don’t just involve the city itself, you know! For a real taste of the great outdoors, right here on your doorstep, check out one of the city’s respected stables, which offer a wide range of horseback riding lessons and tranquil trail riding, right here in the city. New York isn’t all about the bustle and excitement…for those looking for a taste of more peaceful things to do in Brooklyn, there are activities to be found, and none more invigorating than climbing on the back of a horse and taking a real break from the daily grind, if only for a few hours.

People looking for relaxing things to do in Brooklyn will take great delight in unwinding as they trot calmly through the verdant woodlands and peaceful waterways of Prospect Park; our very own slice of the country, right here in the city. Kensington Stables offer worn-out workers and horse-lovers alike the chance to saddle up and enjoy an hour’s ride at a leisurely pace through some glorious natural surroundings as they ride along the Park’s picturesque bridle path. Alternatively, for those not quite confident enough to simply leap into the saddle and make for the woods; Kensington Stables also offer horse riding lessons, to help build your confidence and get you properly acquainted with your equine companion.

Jamaica Bay Riding Academy, another local riding establishment, also offer a variety of trail rides in tranquil locations within the city itself. For people looking for truly different things to do in Brooklyn, cantering peaceably through the city’s more rural spots is guaranteed to really hit the spot.

Of all the things to do in Brooklyn that we can think of, few beat a beautiful horse riding trail for the opportunity to get back to nature and escape for a while into a rural idyll. Don’t be put off by the chilly weather either; simply wrap up warm and enjoy the crisp, cool air on your face as you bob through the wintry trees. Whatever the season, horseback riding in Brooklyn NY is an experience that can be enjoyed, again and again.