Travelling to the moon is the ultimate travel hype , as any young person will tell you, is high on the list of many people’s childhood dreams. How many of us have played at astronauts in our youth, with battered metal buckets for helmets and tin foil for a make-shift space suit?

But lunar travel could never happen, right? Or at least, not for us mere mortals…

Up until recently, lunar travel for the masses was the stuff of science fiction comics and cheap B movies. Then the Golden Spike Company came along and made a statement that blew all our previous preconceptions right out of the water. According to the company, not only was space travel feasible in theory, but could actually happen, as early as 2020.

The Golden Spike Company seems to be just the sort of company to be able to make good on their promises. With an impressive team of former space shuttle commanders, space flight directors and other experts, if any team seems qualified to get ordinary people living out their fantasies and becoming astronauts, it’s these guys.

So, what is it exactly that they offer? Their description of the experience is that it is not dissimilar to a train excursion, though obviously on a far grander scale. The moon travel experience would take the form of sitting aboard a space shuttle and passively taking in the remarkable views of the lunar landscape and the opportunity to see Earth from a perspective previously only reserved for a handful of astronauts and the odd passing meteorite.

The Golden Spike Co.’s ambitious plans do start to make the pulse race and the mind run riot. If lunar travel is possible for all by 2020, what will follow? Luxurious hotels on the moon? Day trips to Mars? A cruise around the Sun? Suddenly, the possibilities seem endless!

However, before you race online to book your ticket, there is a catch. A rather sizeable one, unfortunately. In order to bag yourself a seat on this coveted shuttle to the stars, you need to be able to raise a rather sizeable amount of money – somewhere in the region of $750 million, to be exact.

For those who have just had their childhood dreams of lunar travel once again shattered; just think of this positive thought; what could be just for the elite few in 2020, may well be far more affordable for the rest of us by 2030! So keep those dreams alive, all of you who daydream of being an astronaut; it may well become a reality sooner than we think…Travel hype has never been better!