NYC is the place to be this November 21st, when Tech808 @ NYU Kimmel Center brings together the coolest hip-hop brands and startups for what will be an incredible learning experience.

Tech808-ers believe that the key to a successful startup in 2014 is not an advanced business degree from an Ivy League school or relying on daddy’s trust fund, it’s harnessing the power of your authenticity and recognition of what is hot and happening right now.

All of the speakers at Tech808 can show you how to get ahead in the fast-moving modern business landscape by shortcutting the traditional routes most people take. Tech808 is about avoiding all the buzzwords and just getting your great vision out there and working ASAP. It’s about quickly and simply changing your dreams into reality, riding the waves of the zeitgeist and filling your pockets with cold, hard cash.

Speakers will include Reshma Soujani, CEO of Girls Who Code, Trevor Owens, founder of Lean Startup Machines, Dan Porter of Inside Startups, Joan Spearman of Localeur, Tanya Menendez of Maker’s Row, Devo Springsteen, CEO of Adventr and CJ Peters of Konsole Kings, among many, many more top names who really have the goods on how to succeed in this cut-throat industry.

Tech808 is run in conjunction with The Clive Davis Institute of Recording Music at NYU. Tech808 will be at the Eisner & Lubin Auditorium at NYU Kimmel Center, starting at 10am.

As you might expect, Tech808 is a hot ticket and we expect to sell out. Get your ticket in advance here to avoid crushing disappointment and feelings of deep regret as you see others accomplish your dream while you’re left in the dust!