Foodies will have their say on September 22, at 6:30 pm, during The Chef Showdown V, Komeeda’s initiative to empower ambitious self-made chefs to showcase their culinary skills. The competition will feature Chefs Alexander Magloire II, Dania Robley-Lehi and Elijah Dalager. Each one of them will create two bite-sized dishes reflecting their culinary talents, while the audience will taste, critique and judge them based on originality, presentation and taste. The winner will be crowned the Showdown Champion @ Brooklyn Commons.

What a better opportunity to enjoy the beginning of fall season than to invite your friends and join The Chef Showdown V, mingle with foodies like yourself and engage in interesting conversation.

Kommeeda was created by a group of food lovers who thought it was a good idea to

build a “kommunity”, based on their passion, and empower them to discover new dining experiences, explore new cuisine and interact with fellow eaters and storytelling chefs. The Chef Showdown is a competitive platform for ambitious self-made chefs to showcase their culinary skills to their “kommunity”.

Hurry! Tickets are selling out! Ticket includes all bites, booze and beats. Early bird, $20. General, $25.

Sponsors include Behind the Scenes NYC, Beyond The Eats, Nelson Peláez Photography, Chef Jane Paula from Eemas Cuisine, venue coordinator Monica German Prestia, graphic designer Marisa Kontovrakis and BKLYN Commons.