Trendytripping interactive round-table networking takes place every month in conjunction with other community themed events. It is designed to give opportunity for exposure, and an open space to freely talk about creative ideas and concepts that are worth sharing.

The monthly event will feature speakers and influential people within our network; and throughout the 2 hours, the event will offer film makers, artists, chefs, foodies, students, writers, entrepreneurial, overall makers and want do gooders the opportunity to meet and share their ideas, passion, and experiences via a non-formal video session call: Creative Minds Unite. The end result each month is invaluable video content that is shared across all networks, both locally and globally, helping to provide an opportunity for exposure and inspirational discussion and sharing of ideas.

August 2013 at Roger Smith Hotel

Guest Speakers:
Lisa Russell, Award winning documentary microfilmer & founder of Governess Films
Mike Marcus Filber, Founder/CEO, Hell’s Kitchen Artists Guild
Mike “thefelbs” Felber, Editor in Chief at the Edge Magazine

September, 2013 at Giraffe hotel/Bread & Tulips at 365 Park Avenue

Guest Speakers:
Katherine Toukhy, Artist, Art Educator and founder of RASMI
Deborah Barladini, Artistic Director and Workshop Leader of Nettle Artist Collective and Co-founder of the only Brazilian Theater Company in NYC

Sandy Luna, Actress, Director , Co-founder and Co-Artistic director of Nettles Artists Collective in New York

lulu Fries’ Dat, Documentary Filmmaker, Creative Director of Shugah Works & Editor at Go East Films

Nadine Friedman, Writer, Photographer, and Art Educator

Corey Sydnor, Filmmaker, Producer, known as “Big Time” of Founder of Present the Best TV

October, 2013 at Roger New York Hotel 131 Madison Avenue

Kick off event for Emmy-winning filmmaker Lisa Russell’s with special Guest Ngawang Filmmaker, Director, Writer and Producer of Tibet Song
November 13th, 2013 at the Westin New York at Time Square, 270 West 43rd Street, New York

Featuring key panellists: Moderator, Dr.Deutsch Jonathan, Editor/Founder & Director, of the Center of Hospitality and Sport Management at Drexel in Philadelphia.

Chef Pierre Thiam, Restaurateur, Cookbook author and Ambassador for things Senegal

Chef Saeed Pourkay, Restaurateur, and Founder of Taste of Persia NYC

Josh and Mike Greenfield/ Founder of Brothers Green

Evita Turquose Robin, CEO/Host of Normadness Travel Series

Sarah Schlichter, Senior Editor at Independent