Whoever said that business and pleasure doesn’t work together must have not met couple and business partners Chef Bryan Lindsay and Jennifer Anderson.

Jennifer met Bryan at his brother’s surprise party back in 2013. Initially wanting Bryan to be her professional brownie maker, she gave him her email, address and number, so he can deliver the brownies to her. Since then, they’ve been talking and they have been together five years and counting.

But, in between Bryan, 32, making Jennifer, 24, brownies, they decided to go into business together and called it Sacred Chef and Company. It’s mission? It’s to be a conversation starter for people from all ways of life and culture through food. The meaning behind the name Sacred Chef and Company comes from an agricultural standpoint.

“Nature is sacred to mankind, so the service we provide is from a food-based company that appreciates and respects that,” said the Brooklyn natives. “We aim to provide customers and events with organic, sustainable products at all times.”

Originally called Umami Savory Gourmet, the food-based company was in business for three years before it dissolved and the dynamic duo had to do a brand refresh. Now, this April will Sacred Chef and Company one year!

As a couple, they’re whipping up some dope Valentine’s Day specials for couples that want to experience what it’s like to have a personal chef.

“The current project we’re working on is a Valentine’s Day personal chef three-course dinner,” said Chef Bryan. “The concept is instead of dining in a restaurant, [we] want to bring the experience to your home.”

Read on as we learn how Bryan and Jennifer carve out times for their business and love lives, their upcoming projects and their goals for 2017.

What do you love most about your job?

Chef Bryan: What I enjoy about my career path is how food becomes a universal language understood by all. It took time to realize my purpose on this earth but, once I discovered it each day is so worthwhile.

Jenny: What I love most about what Sacred Chef and Company does is connect with people through food. It is so interesting to start a conversation based on food from any culture.

As a couple, what are your strengths and weakness individually and how do you guys play up on them as a team?

Chef Bryan: As a couple Jenny strengths are marketing, brand awareness and advertisement. My strengths are food and networking. We combine all of the attributes to a personal clients event, a pop up and food based workshops.

Jenny: My strengths are keeping positive momentum going when things don’t go as planned during events. I like to think of myself as the “calm one.” I help Chef Bryan with brand awareness, marketing, social media content for our businesses, which can be a weaknesses for both of us at times. but we work together and figure out strategic ways to get the task at hand completed.

What’s one lesson/piece of advice you would tell someone who wants to pursue the same career path as you?

Chef Bryan: The advice I can give to a person who wants to pursue a certain career path are two things: One, love what you do and what i mean is if it bring you peace then follow it. Two, do not chase the money! Master your passion and money will chase you!

What’s your goal for this year and how do you plan on pursuing them?

Chef Bryan: Our goals for the end of this year is to gain 60 clients that we work with on a monthly basis, a specified revenue for our growth as a small start-up company and to continue building our food-based community.

Why do you think an app like Trendy Tripping is important for entrepreneurs? 

Chef Bryan: An app like Trendy Tripping is important to entrepreneurs because they are able to work with your weak point and align you with resources that can help. Trendy Tripping was able to help my company facilitate “A Taste Of Thanksgiving” a pop up at BKLYN Commons in November 2016.
For more information or if you’re looking to hire Sacred Chef and Co, email them at SacredCoNYC@gmail.com.