Being an entrepreneur is far from a walk in the park, but it certainly has it perks. You have the capability to create change, be your own boss, create your own hours, and we can’t forget about the excitement that comes with being innovative with your idea. The passion and innovation is what entrepreneurs need for longevity. Most importantly, the freedom that comes with being an entrepreneur is what entices many to pursue that route.

But with those perks, entrepreneurship does have it’s downside. It consist of long hours, working tirelessly to reach a financial goal where you’re not only getting paid, but your team, too. It entails being innovative with your idea or product, taking risks and experiencing a little bit of success and lots of failure — all without a safety net.

If you’re on the fence on whether you should pursue entrepreneurship, Trendy Tripping has got you covered. We sat down with certified life coach and member of International Coach Federation Stacey Singh to find out what are the pressing questions one should ask themself on whether they’re really about that entrepreneurship life.


What can I do effortlessly?

Singh suggests that this is the first question one should ask themself. Why? Well because what may be easy for one person isn’t easy for the next. You’ll be able to pinpoint and focus on what your talents. “Some people overlook or don’t know what they’re good at. It’s important to look at [that]. People think that they’re passion or they’re skill or they’re gift needs to be this big, elaborate or has to be something that has never been seen or heard before [and it doesn’t]. If we take those little things and nourish it and feed it, it grows into something more. We take advantage of little things. You never know what it’s going to be. And if you don’t know what you’re good at, ask the people around you. It may be something you never looked into.”

What is your intention behind what you do?

Singh says “Your intentions will always lead the way because your heart in it. Your intentions are going to guide you. That’s why I always talk about vision boards. That your intention, you get to see it. Who am I in this? Who’s my audience? And how bad do I want to succeed?”

Am I ready to give it my all?

It’s impossible to be successful and not give it 100 percent. Singh mentions that entrepreneurship will cost the blood, sweat, tears and the good times, which is why your intention, your why, is vital. Is the project you’ve invested your energy in worth it?

Am I ready to fail my way to the top?

Believe it or not, failure plays a vital role when it comes to achieving success. It shows us what didn’t work and how we can solve the equation and do better next time around. Even Singh says she looks forward to failure. “In my head, I’m so big. I’m ready to get the kinks out. I have to fail. I have to hurry and get these kinks out. I need to know, so I can get on the next level. I look forward to failing. Not because I want to mess it up, but when I’m going into something I know it’s not going to be perfect because I haven’t done certain things before.”

When asked why are people scared of failure she says, “It’s because we name it failure, but it isn’t failure, it’s success. Every failure is a success. Now, we know what doesn’t work — that is successful. Just because it didn’t work now, [it may mean] not right now. It was premature. Every failure is a success.”

Singh ends the interview off by saying whether you may or may not know the answers to the previous questions it’s important to “Love yourself through it. Forgive yourself through it. Support yourself through it. Teach and learn yourself through it.”

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